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New Post
28/08/2012 7:45 p.m.

The law says

(f) A player may wear a mouth guard or dental protector.
The wearing of a mouth guard in an approved manner is compulsory
for all players at all levels of New Zealand Domestic Rugby
A player observed by the referee to be not wearing a mouth guard, shall
leave the field and not be permitted to return until such time as the player is
wearing a mouth guard in the approved manner. The team of the offending
player shall not be permitted a replacement during the period the offending
player is off the field. If the offending player is unable to return wearing a
mouth guard in the approved manner, then that player may be replaced
after a period of 10 minutes (playing time) has elapsed. This will be
deemed to be a permanent replacement and the offending player will not
be permitted to return to the field of play under any cir[word blocked]stances, except
in accordance with Law 3.13, but then only if that player is wearing a mouth
guard in the approved manner.

Despite this law there are players in the ITM Cup not wearing mouthguards. One player in particu;lar I have noticed for a few years now is the Bay Of plenty winger Lelia Masaga. it is obvious after he has scored with his big smile he is not wearing a mouthguard. I posted this last year and no action was taken. I was told a reminder would be sent to team managers but this had no affect. Masaga played without a mouthguard through the Super Rugby season (yes I know he doesn't have to in this compeition ) and continues to do so this year. I find it even more ironic this year when there is the 5 minute concussion check because as we are constantly told mouthguards and not headgear help prevent concussion. I also believe it is not a good role model for the youngsters out there watching. I look forward to seeing action being taken.

New Post
28/09/2012 8:51 p.m.

Just watched Counties play Auckland and at least 3 Counties players weren't wearing mouthguards. Come on people not good enough.

New Post
18/10/2012 1:51 p.m.

Counties V Northland and it is even easier to spot players without mouthguards, especially Counties players. Why doesn't the ref do anything asbout it? Why doesn't the rugby union do anything about it?

New Post
23/10/2012 7:25 p.m.

Maybe I'm the only one who cares, or the only one who reads this forum, but here I go again. Counties V Southland, you guessed it lots of COunties players no mouthguards, none sent off for 10 minutes until they got one. What's the use of having this law if it is not enforced?

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