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Over the last three years, the New Zealand Rugby Union has introduced a number of initiatives to assist New Zealand rugby clubs.  These initiatives included the introduction of the Club Liaison Officer role, the Club Best Practice Manual and the implementation of a training course designed for club administrators called "Running Rugby".

About Running Rugby
Who Should Attend?
What are the Pre-requisites?
How Long is the Course?
How to Register for Rugby Rugby?
Who to Contact

About Running Rugby 

Running Rugby is designed to encourage club administrators to meet and learn with other club officials who are utilising best practice methods and discuss their club's issues, opportunities and practices.

This training course provides administrators with the basic skills required to run their clubs more efficiently. The DVD coinsides with the Club Best Practice Manual, which should be referenced where applicable. A large portion of the learning will come from discussions run by the facilitator based on the key points from the DVD.

Who Should Attend

There is no requirement for club administrators to attend this session, however the New Zealand Rugby Union firmly believes that by attending club administrators will benefit greatly and this will benefit their club by creating:

  • Less stressful roles
  • More time and a greater focus on important club issues
  • A better managed club
  • Interaction with other Club Administrators and a support network

What are the Pre-requisites 

You must be a registered member of a rugby club affiliated to the New Zealand Rugby Union.

How long is the Course

The course usually lasts no longer than two hours.

How to Register for Rugby Rugby? 

Running Rugby is currently being trialled in the following provinces. If you would like to attend a Rugby Rugby course in any of these provinces contact the local Club Liaison Officer.

  • Counties Manukau
  • Wellington
  • South Canterbury
  • Canterbury
  • Tasman 

Who to Contact

For further information about Running Rugby contact your local Club Liaison Officer.