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 Start Coaching

Coaching is very rewarding and is a great way to contribute to your community, give back to the game, and to meet others who share a common passion for the game. Coach-Pic-5.jpg

There are over 10,000 rugby coaches throughout New Zealand from all ages, backgrounds and occupations.  What they have in common is their passion for rugby and their desire to contribute to the game. 

Coaches for teams of all grades are always needed in rugby clubs and schools.  Even if you have not coached before, you will:

  • Recieve coaching support from your club or school.
  • Be able to attend free coaching courses run by your local Provincial Rugby Union.
  • Recieve coaching resources from your rugby club or school and Provinicial Rugby Union.
  • Have access to the New Zealand Rugby Union's coaching resources in the Online Coaching Toolbox.

Coach-Pic-4-v2.jpgAs a coach, you will be required to attend either a RugbySmart Injury Prevention presentation (if you are coaching players aged 13 or above) or a SmallBlacks Coaching Course (if you are coaching players aged 12 and under). 

The coaching courses have been designed by the New Zealand Rugby Union to improve the safety of the game, and to up-skill coaches on coaching players at a particular level.  More information on coaching courses.

To start coaching all you need to do is contact your local rugby club or school, or contact your local Provincial Rugby Union and they will take care of the rest.