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 Rugby Registration

What is Registration?

Why identify yourself as Māori on the Registration Form?

More details on the NZRU Rugby Registration

What is Registration?

At the beginning of each rugby season you will be asked to complete a NZRU Rugby Player Registration Form at your club or school.  By completing the registration form you will be registered as a rugby player in New Zealand for that rugby season.

Why identify yourself as Māori on the NZRU Rugby Registration Form?

Identifying yourself as Māori on the registration form will assist the New Zealand Māori Rugby Board (the Board) in applying for funding to support the development of Māori rugby.

The Board, NZRU and your local Provincial Rugby Union also analyse player numbers for developing initiatives to further support and strengthen our game.  Having an accurate number of Māori involved in rugby will ensure that Māori rugby continues to be developed and supported at all levels.
Your details will also help the Board, Regional Boards and Provincial Unions to communicate with the Māori rugby whanau. 

More Details about NZRU Rugby Registration

You can find out more about the NZRU rugby registration process or download registration forms from the Rugby Registration section of this website.