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The first step to building a website is researching your options. 

Look around for various web building developers and web building products to establish the most beneficial and cost effective option for your club.   

Your research could involve:

  • Sending a newsletter to your members asking for help with building a website.  You could be surprised as someone in your club may be a website developer, or could know a website developer that could help.
  • Going to the internet and searching for an existing rugby club website to see who developed their site.  The web developer details are usually in small print at the very bottom of the website.  You can then contact that web developer and request a quote for developing your website.

    One way to search for rugby club websites is to visit and type “rugby club” and tick “pages from New Zealand”. 
  • Going to the internet and searching for web building products.  Many web building products are easy to use even for those less computer savvy.   The best way to look for web building products is to search the internet. 

Visit and search “web building software”.  Below are some of the many web building providers available: