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 Why Have A Website

A website is a very effective communication tool.  Not only can you communicate easily to existing members, your club is advertised to people all around the world, and being online is attractive to potential sponsors. 

The internet is increasingly popular with the 2004 Neilson//Net ratings showing that 61.3 per cent of New Zealand homes have internet access.

The benefits of having a website include:

  • Your club can post new relevant information quickly
  • Your members are able to access information from your club at their own convenience.
  • There will be reduced telephone queries.
  • Members can be kept up to date with the latest club events or news, participate in discussion forums, send in team success stories,  view club photos etc.
  • Past members or friends and family of members can be kept up-to-date from anywhere in the world.
  • People who are moving to your area can easily find your club details on the internet to enquire about joining.
  • Overseas clubs who are planning on visiting New Zealand can easily find your club details on the internet to arrange a game or event.
  • You are able to give your sponsors’ online exposure.

There are many low cost options for building a website. If you are interested in getting your club online, the remainder of this section will help you to get started.