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 About Registration

From 2013, rugby clubs and schools can choose between 2 options for registering their players and administrators/volunteers.

Option 1 - Paper Registration Forms

At the beginning of each rugby season your Provincial Rugby Union will send you a Registration Pack containing New Zealand rugby registration forms for all your rugby members (players, administrators and other volunteers).

Each rugby member is required to complete a New Zealand Rugby Registration Form.  By completing the registration form they will be registered as a New Zealand rugby member for that rugby season.  They will also be recognised for their efforts and supported by your local Provincial Rugby Union and the New Zealand Rugby Union.

Option 2 - Online Rugby Registration

If your Provincial Union is taking part in online registration, your players and administrators can register online for rugby this coming season instead of completing the paper form.

If you are responsible for rugby registrations for your club/school and would like to sign up your club/school to online rugby registration, you can find out more by going to

What is the Registration Process For

Registered rugby members are also covered under the New Zealand Rugby Union Personal Accident Insurance.  More information on New Zealand Rugby insurance can be found on the Jardine Lloyd Thompson (JLT) Insurance website.

The New Zealand Rugby Union and your local Provincial Rugby Union also use the registration process to analyse membership numbers for developing initiatives and providing further support to strengthen our game.