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 Online Rugby Registration


Rugby registrations for many Clubs and Schools in 2013 are just few clicks away thanks the introduction of a new online system for players, administrators and volunteers. 

The often gruelling process of filling in paper forms with Club and School administrators manually entering people’s details each year could be a thing of the past following the successful 2012 trial of a new system to capture registrations.

The easy to use, free system is an option for Clubs and Schools throughout New Zealand in regions where Provincial Unions are adopting Online Rugby Registration. Clubs and Schools can benefit from a range of online tools that are part of the system, including a web-based email function. They can continue to run paper registration forms but the benefit of the online process means the workload for volunteers and administrators will be reduced.

When members register online, the details that people submit are secure and can only be accessed by the authorised administrators at the member’s Club or School, Provincial Union and the NZRU. Registration details are stored in the National Rugby Database, which holds information on rugby members. Having accurate and up-to-date information means that Provincial Unions and the NZRU can send relevant information to members, and view numbers to provide Clubs and Schools with the right support and resources when needed.

Clubs and Schools wanting to move to Online Rugby Registration can find out more on