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General best practice still applies to the junior section of your club, including strategic planning, gathering sponsorship and budgeting.  Best practice ideas are available in the “Off-Field: Big Picture” section of the Club Best Practice Manual.

Some specific best practice ideas relating to the junior section of your club are:

  • Junior Convener
    Create a Junior Convener position; this role is to focus solely on the running of the junior section of the club. 
  • Position on the club committee
    Create a position on the Club Committee for the Junior Convener.  The Junior section then has a say in the running of the club and is able to keep the Junior section informed as to what is happening within the club aiding communication and the relationship between the two sections.

In turn, the Senior Committee is likely to offer assistance where possible (whether that is financial or otherwise).     

  • Junior Committee
    It is also seen as best practice to have a member of the Senior Committee sit on the Junior Committee.  Again, this will streamline the clubs communication process and will also give the senior committee greater understanding of the initiatives that the junior section is attempting to implement.