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 Coach Recruitment

Ideas for recruiting coaches are:

  • Utilise Club Networks
    Utilising existing contacts within the club network to recruit coaches should be the first tool used.

Keep in regular contact with club members.  Send out correspondence requesting them to contact their own networks to find people interested in coaching.

This should not be limited to just junior members within the club, but to all members.  This way you are widening your contacts and increasing your chance for success.

  • Direct Contact on Registration Day
    Your clubs best opportunity for direct contact with potential coaches is on registration day for junior players.  Parents are still the most likely to become coaches, although with busy lifestyles they are getting harder to recruit.

Be organised on junior registration day.  Have volunteers taking the players registration so it can free up the time of the junior convener to target parents.  Being organised, having information and handouts ready to give to parents and making it as easy for the parents as possible will give your club the best opportunity to attract new coaches.  Focus on the positives of being a smallblacks coach, e.g. involvement in their children’s lives.

  • Target Primary School Teachers
    Primary school teachers can also be contacted when your club or Provincial Union is visiting schools. 

Similar to the recruiting of parents as coaches, it is important to be organised at these school visits, give yourself the time you need to target the teachers and have all the information on hand needed to answer any questions that may arise.  Remember to focus on the positives of coaching at smallblacks level. 

  • Recruitment Days
    Organise an “information day” at your club where parents of junior players, teachers and any club members can attend. 

Using RDO’s and other resources that can be accessed through your Provincial Union, create an “information day” where anyone involved in junior rugby can attend.  The information day could include skills, the type of coaching that the juniors will receive (focusing on actual activities) and then the club can schedule to run the Small Blacks coaching course in the afternoon for interested parties.