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 The Field

A rugby field is 100m long and 69m wide.  There are two in-goal areas at each end of the field and the two sidelines which are known as touchlines.  At each end of the field there are goal posts that are 5.6m apart with a crossbar set at 3m giving the goal the shape of the letter H.  The height of the goal posts can vary.

The lines on the rugby field are:

Halfway line
This line is where the game starts and restarts after tries and goals are scored.

10-metre line 
This line is on both sides of the halfway line.  The kick restart from halfway must go at least this far.

22-metre line
This line is 22 metres towards the halfway line from each goal line.  Play is restarted from these lines if the ball has been pressed down by the defending team or the ball has crossed or touched the Dead-Ball Line or Touch In-Goal Line.

Goal line
This line can also be called the try line and is on each end of the field.  If the ball is grounded over this line the team will score a try.

Dead-ball line
This line is at the end of the in-goal area.  If the ball touches or goes beyond this line the ball is considered out of play.

This is the line on either side of the field.  On or outside this line is considered out of play.

Touch-in-goal line
This line is the touchline continued between the goal line and the dead ball line.