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 Disciplinary Hearings

Each Provincial Rugby Union has an appointed Disciplinary Committee that acts in the name of the Union to hear and conduct disciplinary proceedings.  Disciplinary proceedings can be held in the following circumstances:


  • where a player is ordered off the playing enclosure
  • where a complaint of illegal and/or foul play is made
  • where there is misconduct on or off the playing enclosure
  • where a player is required to appear before the Committee under the Sin Bin procedure

Disciplinary hearings not only apply to players.  They are also held for misconduct by coaches, officials or spectators.

The Rules of Disciplinary Hearings, which can be downloaded below, has been developed by the New Zealand Rugby Union to ensure that all disciplinary matters at all levels are dealt with efficiently, promply and with justice.  

To view this file you will need Adobe Reader.

Rules for Disciplinary Hearings - Black Book (April 2010)
>> Download PDF 1mb