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 Club Transfers

Transfer Same Province

Transfer Between Provinces

Transfer Between Countries

Transfer within the Same Province

If a player moves from one club to another in the same province, either in the same season or different seasons, then the player and the clubs involved are required to follow the club transfer policy in that Provincial Rugby Union.

Contact your Provincial Rugby Union for the club transfer policy in your area.

Transfer Between Provinces

If a player moves from one club to another in different provinces, in the same season, then the new club or its Provincial Rugby Union must submit a transfer request via the New Zealand Rugby Union Community Rugby Database.  If your new club does not have access to the database then this process can be managed by your new Provincial Rugby Union.

If the transfer between provinces is in different seasons then no transfer request is required.

Contact your Provincial Rugby Union for more information.

Transfer Between Countries

Any rugby player who has played for a rugby club in one country and wishes to play in another country, must be cleared from their current National Rugby Union.  A player can obtain a clearance by doing the following:

  • Completing a IRB Application for Clearance Form
    The current club and Provincial Rugby Union need to sign the form and forward to the current National Union.  The current National Union need to approve and forward the form to the new National Union.

More information on Overseas Clearances