Other Regulations

Competitions Regulations

New Zealand Rugby develops, administers and enforces Regulations for inter-provincial competitions including Mitre 10 Cup, Mitre 10 Heartland Championship and the Farah Palmer Cup.

Supplements Regulations

NZR supports the ‘food first’ message that Players should consume a varied, nutrient rich and complete diet, based largely around whole natural foods replete in carbohydrate, protein, quality fats and micronutrients. NZR recognises that in addition to a complete diet the use of Supplements will occur and that it is important that such use is in accordance with best practice to minimise the risk of adverse consequences. Adverse consequences include risks to the health or performance of the Player, and risks that an Anti-Doping Rule Violation may occur.

Illicit Drugs Regulations

Both the NZR and New Zealand professional rugby players consider that use of illicit (illegal / recreational) drugs by persons involved in professional rugby is contrary to the best interests of the sport in New Zealand, and those persons themselves. As well as being illegal, use of illicit drugs, either casually or habitually can have significant health risks.