EDSLVs in selected competitions

In addition to the national Experimental Domestic Safety Law Variations (EDSLVs) and World Rugby Global Law Variations, three variations will be trialled in selected competitions in 2022, in consultation with Provincial Unions.

These EDSLVs are designed to further test the application of law variations in a New Zealand context, and include:

  • Tackle height trials below the waist
  • Breakdown constraints around post tackle contests
  • Restriction of replacements to reduce the impact on match flow and structure. 

Over the next two months, New Zealand Rugby (NZR) will work with Provincial Unions and their organising committees to determine the uptake of these trials during the 2022 season.

When will the EDSLVs be reviewed?

The EDSLVs will be reviewed at the conclusion of the 2022 season to determine if there is a need to refine these or adopt them into DSLVs. The review will take a qualitative and quantitative approach, taking into consideration game footage, key metrics, and participant feedback.

Share your feedback

If you have any feedback regarding the 2022 EDSLVs, please send us an email at participation@nzrugby.co.nz.