Secondary Schools Rugby Wellington 2018


  1. The Moascar Cup is under the jurisdiction of the New Zealand Schools’ Rugby Union (NZSRU) and is played for in fixtures between New Zealand based 1st XV’s only. Players must be in the school that the 1st XV represents. Composite Schools Teams as defined by School Sport NZ (formally NZSSSC), are ineligible to challenge for the Cup.
  2. NZSRU’s position is that within the challenge requirements, the Moascar Cup will be played for in as many games as possible in a season – see notes 8 and 11 below.
  3. The winner of any challenge match should advise the Moascar Cup Coordinator the match result/score by email within 48 hours of the match.

Playing Rules

  1. All Games will be played under New Zealand Rugby (NZR) rules as per the Under-19 Domestic Law Variations. Note that “extra time” is not permitted under these Law Variations. To win the Moascar Cup trophy, the challenger has to beat the holder.
  2. While the New Zealand Rugby protocol known as “Blue Cards” will be followed, the “Half-Game” and “Game On” protocols will NOT be followed.


  1. All players in a team must satisfy School Sport NZ Eligibility Criteria, including being Under 18 as at 1 January in the year in which any games are played and be current bona fide students at the school they represent.

Note:  The new to school quota has reduced from six students, to five for 2019 onwards.

  • Teams meeting all other School Sport NZ eligibility criteria may include a maximum of two players who shall be Under 19 years of age at 1 January in the year of competition provided that such players are not classified as New to School or Non Domestic as described in School Sport NZ eligibility regulations.

Note: Dispensated Under 19 players are not entitled to Primary Caregiver Relocation Exemption from New to School status.

  1. All players in a team must satisfy NZR’s National Policy "Age Bands for Age Grade Rugby”. For the full policy, refer to National Rugby Policies. For Moascar Cup games, this means:
  • Boys who are 14 years old (under 15) on 1 January in the year of the competition must be cleared to play and the school must provide their completed exception circumstances forms with the NZSRU Moascar Cup Official Team List.
  • Boys who are 18 years old (under 19) on 1 January in the year of the competition CAN NOT play in a game that involves a player that is 14 years old (under 15).
  • Boys who are 13 years old (under 14) or younger on 1 January in the year of the competition, are NOT permitted to take part.

Team Lists

  1. All teams playing for the Moascar Cup are required to provide a completed NZSRU Moascar Cup Official Team List, signed by the principal, to the Moascar Cup Coordinator 48 hours prior to kick off.
  2. Any changes to the team list must be notified to the Moascar Cup Coordinator immediately and at least one hour prior to kick off; and change must be due to the genuine non-availability of a player or players.

Current Cup Holder

  1. It is required that a school holding the Moascar Cup at the start of any calendar year, advises the Moascar Cup Coordinator by 1 March, a minimum of seven scheduled challenge matches for that year; noting that:
  • at least one of those, of the holder’s choice, shall be against a team from outside of the holder’s Provincial Union, as those boundaries exist at the time.
  • The seven challenges must include all home matches played by the holder. In the event that the holder does not have the required number of home matches, they will need to choose a seventh match from their schedule that fits the criteria of Rules 9 and 10.
  • In the event that a scheduled challenge match is cancelled, the NZSRU will determine if another challenge match needs to be played by the cupholder.
  1. This schedule shall exclude pre-season matches (those prior to that teams normal competition schedule) and matches against overseas teams; but include as mandatory challenges, all other ‘home’ matches including ‘traditionals’ or matches played at another venue but where the holder is deemed to be the home team.
  2. Where the holder does not at 1 March nominate a challenge from out of their Provincial Union, then any match by the holder at the completion of their own regular season against a New Zealand team from outside of their Provincial Union, be it at ‘home’ or ‘away’ shall automatically become a mandatory challenge match.

New Cup Holder

  1. When there is a change in holder during the season, the new holder must within one week, provide the Moascar Cup Coordinator with:
  • their schedule of remaining ‘home’ games (as defined in Rule 8ii) which all then become mandatory challenges.
  • a nominated ‘out of Provincial Union’ game (as defined in Rule 8i)
  • If the cup is won after the end of Term 2, then the out of Provincial Union game requirement will be waived for that year, but all home matches (as in Rule 8ii) become mandatory challenges.

Provincial Union and Inter PU Competition Semi-Finals and Finals

  1. The Provincial Union (PU) semi-final will be regarded as a challenge, if the semi-final is played at the home venue of the holder. The PU Final is a mandatory challenge regardless of venue of match.

Top 4 Pathway Matches

  1. All matches deemed to be play-off matches in which the winner will advances to Top 4, are mandatory challenge regardless of venue of match.
  2. If the school holding the Moascar Cup is a participant in the NZSRU National Top 4 or Coed Championship, then the Moascar Cup shall be played for in all games involving the holder.
  3. The NZSRU will not be responsible for any of the costs incurred in staging fixtures for the Moascar Cup (apart from when the holder is a participant in the National Top 4 or Coed Championship where normal funding support will apply to all teams participating in that event).


  1. Any complaint should in the first instance be directed to the NZSRU’s appointed Moascar Cup Coordinator, who may rule or refer to the NZSRU’s Disputes Committee for ultimate determination.


MOASCAR Cup Rules (2020) [PDF 505KB]