Bill Beaumont

New Zealand Rugby Congratulates Bill Beaumont

New Zealand Rugby (NZR) congratulates Bill Beaumont for his re-election as World Rugby Chair.

NZR Chair, Brent Impey said: “We have a great respect for Bill Beaumont as an individual, and we look forward to continuing to work with him to grow the game globally and keep rugby sustainable across all borders.

“We are of course disappointed for Agustin Pichot as he had our vote, and it is important to us that whoever won the election will heed the calls for change to the game.

“Gus ran a strong campaign and gave his best effort in a highly principled manner and that is all that can be asked, so we are proud of him.

“There is still a level of governance reform that is overdue, and it would be good to see the courage taken to make the decisions needed to ensure the continued sustainability and success of rugby globally – not just for a limited number of Unions and regions.”