NZ Barbarians Under 85 Club Cup Draw

Northern Region

Round One:
Suburb Stallions v NZ Forestry Tukapa
ECB Mayfield Sportshouse 85 v Kahukura
Pakuranga United Taipans v Hauraki North
Auckland University Debt Collectors v Kumeu 85s
North Shore Hairy Goats v College Rifles Raiders
Melville 85s v Onewhero 85s
Takapuna Bombers v Morrinsville Sports Majestic Pukekos
Leamington Longhorns v Fraser Tech
Auckland University Legends v Grammar TEC Nga Taniwhas
Auckland University Squids v Karaka Razzlers

Clubs with a bye to round 2:
Hamilton Marist
Ponsonby Hustlers
Auckland Marist Old Boys MOB
Old Boys Grammar TEC
Eden Lizards
University of Waikato Varsity Stags
Pukekohe Pirates
Elevate Roofing Massey 85's
Hamilton Old Boys Wolfpack

Round two:
Ponsonby Hustlers v Hamilton Old Boys Wolfpack
Grammar TEC Old Boys v (Leamington Longhorns/Fraser Tech)
(North Shore Hairy Goats/College Rifles Raiders) v (Auckland University Legends/Grammar TEC Nga Taniwhas)
Auckland Marist Old Boys MOB v (Auckland University Debt Collectors/Kumeu 85s)
Patumahoe v Hamilton Marist
University of Waikato Varsity Stags v (Takapuna Bombers/Morrinsville Sports Majestic Pukekos)
(ECB Mayfield Sportshouse 85/Kahukura) v Eden Lizards
(Melville 85s/Onewhero 85s) v Pukekohe Pirates
(Suburb Stallions/NZ Forestry Tukapa) v Elevate Roofing Massey 85's
(Auckland University Squids/Karaka Razzlers) v (Pakuranga United Taipans/Hauraki North)

Central Region

Round one:
Johnsonville Terrahawks v Central Rugby Club

Clubs with bye to round 2:
Petone Villagers
Eastbourne Gulls
Real Steel Upper Hutt Rams
Poneke Wanderers
Old Boys University Scallywags
Hutt Old Boys Marist Howlers
Avalon Wolves
Marist St Pats Reds
Wellington FC Axemen

Round two:
Eastbourne Gulls v Hutt Old Boys Marist Howlers
Old Boys University Scallywags v Real Steel Upper Hutt Rams
Wellington FC Axemen v Marist St Pats Reds
Poneke Wanderers v Petone Villagers
Avalon Wolves v (Johnsonville Terrahawks/Central Rugby Club)

Southern Region

Round one:
Pleasant Point Mud Dogs v Dunners 85s
Lincoln Short-Finned Eels v University of Canterbury Black Mambas

Round two:
(Pleasant Point Mud Dogs/Dunners 85s) v (Lincoln Short-Finned Eels/University of Canterbury Black Mambas

*home and away team to be decided at later stage