Serious Injury Notification Form

To report a serious injury please fill in the below AND call one of these people:

Steve Lancaster (Head of Participation and Development, New Zealand Rugby)
021 528 737

Lisa Kingi-Bon (CEO of New Zealand Rugby Foundation)
021 212 7399

Remember - these are the ONLY injuries that must be reported:

  1. A head or spinal injury that results in the player being admitted to hospital
  2. An injury or event (e.g. a heart attack) that results in the death of a player during match play or rugby training
  3. An injury that is expected to result in some permanent disability (e.g. loss of use of a limb, loss of an eye)
Location of Player's Injury
Please Indicate the Category of Serious injury

If the injury does not meet any of the above criteria then you do not need to submit this form.