We’re launching a digital rugby expert to help you get the most out of your visit to

Maata (Maa for short) is an interactive animation who will chat with you and point you to resources that will help you as a rugby player, coach or parent. Maa asks questions and listens to your answers to show you videos or give you information based on what you’re interested in.

We’re in the prototype stages of Maa’s development, so she’s not yet ready to be used widely. We are testing her interactions with users in order to help us hone her responses to better serve our site visitors.

You needn’t worry about the information you give Maa. Any data or answers you give her are immediately anonymised and not shared with any third parties. It is purely used while you are interacting with Maa to help give you the best experience possible.

If see Maa, jump in and have a chat with her – your interactions with her will help us make her an even better rugby expert.

Click here to talk to Maa