Te Ara Ranga Tira

The way that unites people’. The Rugby Way is all about knitting individuals together with a shared set of values using four key Pou or pillars.

These pillars are:

  • Te Pou Maioha – Be Welcoming
  • Te Pou Hiranga – Be Your Best
  • Te Pou Ihiihi – Be Passionate
  • Te Pou Tika – Play Fair

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

We see a future for rugby that is equitable and inclusive for all. We know that for rugby to truly inspire and unify, we need to reflect the diversity of New Zealand society and model the values of NZ Rugby.

To enable this we created an Equity Diversity & Inclusion Strategy (EDI), which was signed off by the NZR board March 2021 to ensure that everyone can see a place for themselves in rugby. A Culture, Diversity & Inclusion Manager was employed to lead the implementation of this strategy in October 2021.

The strategy is built around four focus areas (Māori, Women, Pasifika and Rainbow communities), and five strategic pillars. We are committed to taking a collaborative approach to all of this mahi – working directly with the communities we seek to include.

A Year 1 Progress report on our EDI strategy is now available:

EDI report title

EDI-Progress-Update.pdfpdf6.5 MB