Our Strategy

NZR’s Strategy helps shape our annual planning to ensure we continue to perform at a high level in all areas of our organisation.

This is presented through six Strategic Focus Areas as well as some Guiding Principles. It was developed as a five-year plan, with a scheduled review having taken place in 2017. This review saw us introduce respect and inclusion and maximising commercial opportunities as strategic focus areas.

Every year NZR evaluate our key deliverables and overarching priorities that we identify as crucial to effectively manage, support and promote rugby in New Zealand, making the sport as great as it can be.

Our current six focus areas for 2020 are:

  1. Teams in black winning pinnacle events
  2.Creating a more respectful and inclusive culture
  3. More players and more communities participating
  4. Fans are engaged and numbers growing
  5. Positive global presence
  6. Develop, diversify and maximise commercial opportunities


We appreciate the challenge that our targets set, and each year create a Scoreboard which breaks down all of New Zealand Rugby’s key activities into discrete, measurable outcomes underneath each of the six priorities, weighted by importance and each given a value adding up to a total of 100.

At the end of each year we are scored on our achievement of these measures and our latest result in 2018 saw us achieve a healthy 86% of our scoreboard target which we shared in our Annual Report.