Our Strategy

NZR’s Strategy helps shape our annual planning to ensure we continue to perform at a high level in all areas of our organisation.

Rugby as a business

For many years NZR has been open about how working to our current business model within a constantly changing environment will challenge the sustainability of our sport.

It has been clear that we need to reset our structure for ongoing success that sees us fund the community game sufficiently, support our partners and keep our best players in New Zealand. For rugby to succeed we need to reflect the environment we are working within.

When the COVID-19 pandemic reached New Zealand in March 2020, everything we had been working on faced near immediate cancellation. While this brought great uncertainty around how we could keep the business going without being able to take the field, it also gave us a once in a generation opportunity to look at all areas of our business and make real change.

We found that when faced with our greatest challenge of potentially having no rugby for the rest of the year, the conviction for change and the chance to own our own future became the opportunity.

Across the business, we have recognised that everything has become over-processed as times have changed and rugby has grown. The aim of the ‘Ngā Miro’ transformation project was to simplify how we do things to strengthen and future proof rugby in our country.

The meaning behind Ngā Miro

Rugby is in a very fortunate position of having dedicated people within the sport who are here to make a difference. The name Ngā Miro thinks of the many bodies of work across rugby as the many different threads that, when
woven together, create a beautiful korowai, blanket or mat.

To create the best final product, these threads must pass through the same eye of the needle, in this case, we all must work together to transform the sport and reimagine rugby.

Kotahi te kohao o te ngira
E kuhuna ai te miro ma, te miro
whero me te miro pango
A muri i a au kia mau ki te ture ki
te whakapono ki te aroha
Hei aha te aha! hei aha te aha!

There is but one eye of the needle
through which the white, red and
black threads must pass.
After me hold fast to the “lore”
the truth and love
fore sake all else...

- The first Māori King Potatau Te Wherowhero (1858) imploring unity of people and purpose

Strategy 2025

Our vision is to inspire and unify through rugby.

Our strategic pillars are: 

  • Winning with mana
  • Rugby at the heart of our communities
  • Loved game, loved brands
  • Unleashing rugby's commercial potential

We will enable success through:

  • Enhancing the welfare of our players
  • Thriving people, thriving game
  • Leading through technology

At the end of each year we reflect on how our activity has met the above areas, which we share in our Annual Report.