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The Māori All Blacks is a historic team representing the proud culture of New Zealand.

In 1888, New Zealand Natives was one of the country’s maiden national rugby sides, playing Hawke's Bay in their first-ever match on June 23, with the Natives winning 5-0. Later that year, they would play their initial international side, recording their first national win 13-4 when beating Ireland in Dublin.

The first to wear the famous black jersey, the side was originally conceived as an all-Maori selection and ultimately included just five non-Māori players in its ranks. Defeating many internationals sides, including the British and Irish Lions, England and Ireland.

Originally the team selected was ‘loosely’ governed in terms of heritage, but now all players must have Māori whakapapa or genealogy confirmed to represent the side. In 2018, the side toured South America for the first time which saw them take on Brazil and Chile.

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