World Rugby introduces new Head Contact Process

World Rugby has launched a new Head Contact Process (HCP) to assist the sanctioning process for contact with the head and neck, emphasizing rugby’s commitment to head injury prevention and player welfare.

The new process, which has now been introduced in New Zealand across all levels of the game, was developed through extensive collaboration and consultation with current and former players, coaches, referees and medical experts, including New Zealanders Conrad Smith, Joe Schmidt, Dave Rennie and Paddy O’Brien.

The HCP is an evolution of the High Tackle Sanction Framework, which supports rugby’s ambition to reduce the risk of head injury through stronger and more consistent on and off field sanctioning of high-risk tackle actions – ultimately leading to a safer game for all.

This scope for sanction consideration has been broadened within the HCP to now include:

  • High tackles
  • Shoulder charges
  • Dangerous cleanouts
  • Head-to-head collisions
  • Leading elbow/forearm

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