Serious Injury Notification Form

To report a serious injury please fill in the below AND call Lisa:

Lisa Kingi-Bon (CE of New Zealand Rugby Foundation)
021 212 7399

If you can't reach Lisa then call:

Steve Lancaster (General Manager Community Rugby, New Zealand Rugby)
021 528 737

Remember - these are the ONLY injuries that must be reported:

  1. A head or spinal injury, or medical event (e.g. a heart attack) that results in the player being admitted to hospital
  2. An injury or medical event (e.g. a heart attack) that results in the death of a player during match play or rugby training
  3. An injury that is expected to result in some permanent disability (e.g. loss of use of a limb, loss of an eye
Type of injury


You are not required to fill in this form. Please contact your local Provincial Union if you require further support regarding an injury.