Women in Clubs

Women in Clubs Toolkit

Our Women in Clubs Toolkit aims to provide guidance and inspiration for your club to be part of the change that will ensure rugby continues to thrive in our communities like it has for the last 100 years.

This resource aims to provide the why and how to get more women involved in your club, all you need to do is add is the people. The benefits of having more women involved in your club include:

  • More members and supporters
  • More players
  • Diversification of decision-making
  • Wider sponsorship and fundraising appeal
  • Increased numbers of volunteers, admin, coaches, referees and role models
  • A more appealing social atmosphere

Three key areas that clubs should focus on in order to achieve the benefits are:

  1. Include women in the Governance of the club
  2. Provide good quality Coaching
  3. Equitable Facilities and Equipment

Download the Women in Clubs Toolkit Resource

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