Scrum Machine Storage Guidelines

New Zealand Rugby (NZR) has developed guidelines to provide support for the safe storage of scrum machines in our community clubs.

A scrum machine is a potential hazard when left unattended in a place where it can be moved and played on in an unsupervised or unauthorised manner.

It is important to ensure scrum machines are stored safely when not in use, ideally in a locked storage shed. If there is no storage shed available, scrum machines must be fenced/padlocked off with clear signage identifying it as a danger and not to be used by any unauthorised persons. For example, using a “DANGER, DO NOT USE” sign.

Steps should be taken to safely store rugby equipment when not in use to prevent young children or persons who might be inclined to play on the apparatus from being able to do so.

View the Scrum Machine Storage Guidelines [PDF 71KB] 

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