Injury Prevention

Be ready for rugby. On and off the field.

The key to enjoying playing rugby is being prepared. That means being physically fit, properly managing injuries and understanding correct playing technique.

Along with ACC, we developed the RugbySmart programme in 2001 across all levels of the game. It’s about ensuring all players are physically and technically ready before they lace up their boots.


Our Provincial Unions facilitate compulsory RugbySmart Injury Prevention courses for all rugby referees and coaches of grades over Under 13 level at the beginning of every rugby season. Coaches of players aged 12 and under attend a compulsory Small Blacks Coaching Course, which includes RugbySmart.

RugbySmart is a world-leading programme and since its launch we’ve seen significant drops in rugby-related injury claims.

It’s a comprehensive approach that is about keeping players where coaches and supporters want them: on the field, contributing to a winning team.