Secondary School Rugby

Rugby is played by almost 300 Secondary Schools around New Zealand with almost 30,000 students involved in the game. Since the review of Secondary School Rugby in NZ in 2018, NZR have put together a plan to ensure rugby grows and develops good people through great experiences.

In June 2018 New Zealand Rugby (NZR) announced a review of Secondary School Rugby in New Zealand with the opportunity for the rugby community to provide submissions.

An independent panel comprising of representatives from across rugby in New Zealand carried out the review process which involved consultation with schools, rugby clubs and Provincial Unions.

The Secondary School Rugby Review recommended forming a Secondary School Advisory Group. This advisory group comprises Secondary School Principals, Provincial Union CEO’s; Executives from NZSRU and Schools Sport NZ as well as NZ Rugby staff.

The advisory group has developed the Secondary School Rugby Plan, a blueprint for 2021-2025, with the following key principles:

  • Participants are at the heart of the experience.
  • The vision, values and key competencies of the New Zealand Curriculum and The Rugby Way guide all decisions.
  • Safety and wellbeing are paramount - on and off the field.
  • The quality of the experience is key. Key determinants of a quality experience are:
    - The right people (administrators, staff, coaches, managers, referees, Whanau, etc).
    - Doing the right things (participant centered, inclusive, meaningful, well planned).
    - At the right times (appropriate, progressive, great environment).
  • Strong school, club and provincial union collaboration is crucial.
  • Administer the game the way we play it – fun, creative, brave, learn from mistakes - tweak, reset, and go again.
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The Secondary School Review

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Our Secondary School Plan

View the condensed plan here or email to request the full plan.

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