Wider Auckland Facility Plan

The Wider Auckland Rugby Facility Plan 2018 – 2028 identifies future rugby facility requirements for the region to help inform Auckland Council, Waikato District Council and the wider funding network with current and future investment priorities.

The Facility Plan outlines the needs of community rugby, highlights areas of current undersupply across the network and projects a significant shortfall of sports fields by 2028 as rugby takes an innovative approach to increasing and improving its participation offerings to everyone.

What is New Zealand Rugby doing with the report?

  • The report allows us to continue to review club rugby facility usage and make informed decisions alongside Council and other stakeholders.
  • Work is well underway to supply Auckland Council with priorities for 2020 and 2021.
  • A strong engagement process has been undertaken with Rugby Clubs so they understand the purpose behind the report and its priorities and are able to communicate proactively with their Local Board.
  • Rugby clubs remain an important part of their local communities in Auckland and we want to work alongside Auckland Council and Local Boards to ensure they prosper and provide ongoing benefits in these communities.

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